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Numerous strains regularly accompany odd and magnificent starting point stories, yet the bases of Gorilla Glue are to some degree less promising, if as yet entrancing.
In the same way as other strains nowadays, there are a couple of various variants of Gorilla Glue out there, yet GG #4 is the one we'll concentrate on here. 

The name of this grant winning strain may originate from the stickiness of its trichomes, and their propensity to "paste" scissors together amid the trimming procedure, yet incidentally it just appeared on the scene through chance, and the disappointment of one reproducer – Joesy Whales – who tossed out the first seeds after his first run all "hermied" and demolished his whole harvest.

Fortunately for us, his companion Marrdog saved a couple of this first bunch and after a year, developed them himself. Four phenotypes appeared, and #4 was judged to be the best. Along these lines, GG#4 was saved from the verge of vanishing perpetually and dispatched into the world where it has won grants and a wealth of admirers.

Gorilla Glue #4's honors incorporate in front of the pack at both the Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cups in 2014, and in addition the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

Its prominence keeps on becoming because of its adequacy as a therapeutic strain, particularly for those searching for torment alleviation and unwinding.

Its impactful gritty and harsh smells consolidated with its new, piney flavor are all characteristics from its guardian strains, Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.

Notwithstanding, the honors for GG#4 have not quite recently been down to its taste and smell. The bedrock of GG#4's prosperity is its capacity to be a strain for pretty much every event.

The name Gorilla Glue may have been concocted to respect its stickiness, however it additionally depicts a portion of the impacts this strain can have fittingly. GG #4 can stick you to the couch and dry your mouth out simply as it pastes your scissor cutting edges together. Its indica genealogy radiates through emphatically in such manner, and shouldn't be trifled with.

Having said all that, GG#4 is still a cross breed, and the audits of this strain have made note of the center it can give you in spite of the profound couchlock. This may feel like an immaculate indica in the body, yet in the head it's all Sativa.

Jake Brown at thecannabist.co depicted the impact that Gorilla Glue had on him in a fabulous audit that highlights the verging on schizophrenic nature of the strain:

"Two hits in, I delay. Cross breed can be a beguiling term, and each sign at first is that I'm in for a sativa head trip that will keep me up until they no more try airing infomercials"

"With a profound body stone to coordinate a more settled focus, however, I'm not fiddling with anything or checking tabs… And while I'm feeling slight yearning strings, I don't have the craving to chomp for crunching. Once in a while, feeling immersed is sufficiently satisfying."

The survey closes on the word enough, and that feels like a catchphrase while checking on Gorilla Glue. It is sufficient, at everything; indica enough to facilitate your torment and unwind your muscles, however sativa enough to keep you wakeful and concentrated on the job needing to be done. Sticky and sufficiently rotten to satisfy the greater part of your faculties, however not exactly sufficiently solid to overpower and abandon you on edge. It's an uncommon thing to discover a strain that is cherished by everybody, except Gorilla Glue #4 comes entirely damn close, and for that it ought to be commended.

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